The Road to Ruin

Prequel Chapter 1

The story begins...

Lisanna ’s story

Blasted in the middle of nowhere; how I love traveling with this grumpy dwarf, hunting shadows and rumors at the edge of the world. Wondrous…
Even though this was named an important task by the Elders, both me and Varen knew this was a punishment for our insolence. I knew that going against his mother would have consequences, though I never thought she’d send me half-way across the known realm just to keep us apart.
Currently I’m on a ship bound for the island of Cerra for Gods know how long. I’ll surely find some work there as the merchant gathering will provide me with many opportunities and job offers. Just because I’m stuck here doesn’t mean it should be a living hell. There is no way I’d let Eloanna win.



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